How does it work?

Mimcook is an integral cooking system turning your rice into the perfect dish for your diners. With mimcook any recipe can be memorized and reproduced in the same way.You put the recipe and the ingredients and Mimcook cooks for you obtaining high gastronomy results in a comfortable and precise way.

Parts of Mimcook


Technology for the professional kitchen

With its simple and resistant design, memorizing the steps for the first time is intuitive and very easy.
  1. · Create your recipe with your computer or Mimcook
  2. · Let Mimcook memorize your recipe steps
  3. · When reproducing the recipe, Mimcook sends sounds and texts making your recipe identical to the memorized one.


Maximum control at all steps

Mimcook has several incorporated sensors for a maximum control of each step of the recipe. It controls the temperature according to environmental conditions, weight, time and flame height so that you can be elaborating other dishes on your menu with the security of obtaining a first quality result.


Maximum power with all safety

The Mimcook burner is created with the patented Flame Pilot, which permits the regulation of the power of each burner independently.Moreover, Mimcook will take care of regulating each burner with the perfect temperature over the whole surface at every stage to assure the correct cooking of the grain.

Exclusive design

For all types of restaurant businesses

Mimcook has been designed for indoor as well as outdoor use. Its minimalist design is ideal for restaurant with open kitchens and show cooking. Mimcook is ideal for preparing rice dishes up to 60’ diameter with no installation needs.

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