A bit of History

Mimcook was born from the passion, the long experience and the knowledge of Chef Escolà. Throughout his 10 years of leadership at the Casinet, specialized in rice dishes in El Vendrell, near Barcelona, he has learnt the difficulties of having several rice dishes on the menu card.

The waste of ingredients, the difficulty of always obtaining the same result, or serving the rice perfectly cooked are problems that affect the diner’s experience directly and can cause problems to the restaurant.For this reason, Chef Escolá looked for a solution and created Mimcook; an new system to cook rice dishes permitting the chefs and cooks to create and program their own recipes so that each cooking phase is automated and the wished result is achieved. Moreover, Mimcook controls the temperature at all times to take the best out of each ingredient and avoid wasting. In this way production costs are optimized without losing taste.Technology to create perfect gastronomic experiences.