Frequent questions

What is Mimcook?

Mimcook is a paella maker that permits you to automate the cooking process of rice dishes with pre-memorized recipes of the chef. Achieve a maximum control and precision at every step of the cooking.

Why would you want to have a Mimcook?

Mimcook is a synonym for revolutionary technology and programming, with a cutting-edge screen and design. A one-and-only on the market. Full security and ease., and guaranteed results from the haute cuisine.

Can all types of rice dishes be made?

Yes, Mimcook makes all types of recipes for rice dishes and paellas. It can be used in other kind of recipes too.

Does it consume more than a standard paella maker?

Mimcook doesn’t consume more than a standard paella maker, as it doesn’t increase the use of gas during its process. On the contrary, it optimizes gas consume due to its precise regulation system not manually done. Its consume is the minimum necessary.

Does it take up the same space in the kitchen as a standard paella maker?

Mimcook has diameter of 60 cm, which permits making paellas from 42cm to 70cm.

What is the maintenance cost?

There is no extra maintenance cost whatsoever if it is well taken care of.

Does Mimcook take care of the after-sale service?

We don’t offer pre-installations nor installations. At purchase the connection is prepared for its correct use. We can recommend you technicians in your area.

Can it easily be transported to another workspace?

Mimcook can be transported under the condition it is well protected to avoid hits that could damage the structure and electronic components.

Can my recipes be saved?

Of course! With Mimcook your personalized recipes, adapted to your menu and specialties, can be memorized. Moreover, Mimcook comes with memorized recipes.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes, as we work with a financial entity it is possible to pay in installments.

What is the true advantage of Mimcook?

With Mimcook you can be sure your whole team prepares the same recipe precisely. Moreover, thanks to the sensors the timing of each cooking phase is controlled, offering your diners a better service. With Mimcook, anyone of your team can reproduce your recipe guaranteeing the result each time.

Do you have a certification for the product?

We are working on getting the certification for in- and outdoor use.

Can I try my recipe before purchasing?

Of course, you can enjoy the Mimcook experience before purchasing. A demonstration can be arranged in which you can check the quality and all advantages Mimcook has for your restaurant or catering.

What is my monthly saving using Mimcook?

Thanks to Mimcook the usual errors made in kitchens with paellas are avoided. As known, the prime ingredients give the taste to a paella. Mimcook never lets the broth evaporate because of too much quantity or because of a mistake in some cooking phase. These aspects affect the service and experience offered to our diners and also our budget.