# Your recipes always the same

# Your whole team will create your recipe

# It adapts to your needs

Having a mimcook in your kitchen will always give you perfect rice dishes. Any cook can introduce his dishes in mimcook and reproduce them as often as wished. This way one can be focused on making the best gastronomic experience for your business. Discover all mimcook can offer in your professional kitchen.

Adapted to your menu card

  • · Create your recipes
  • · Reproduce them step by step
  • · Simple installation
  • · Intuitive display

Mimcook is made to adapt to any professional kitchen. Select the ‘Create recipe’ mode in mimcook and let the steps be memorized. After, select the recipe on the display and mimcook will help you reproduce it exactly. Once you have started cooking, mimccok will warn you in each step to, for example, add rice, stir-fry or broth. At finishing the recipe, mimcook will turn off by itself so that the rice will always be perfectly cooked.


  • · Temperature and flame intensity control
  • · Maximum stability in the rice cooking phases
  • · Exact timing
  • · Recipes adapted to your menu

Mimcook adapts to your recipes, adjusting the flame at every moment to give you a perfect rice. With mimcook the rice dishes in your restaurant will not burn or over-cook thanks to the sensors incorporated which control each moment of cooking. This way your whole team will create the same recipe. Be assured of a great rice dish, be assured of the perfect experience.


  • · 60 cm high-power burner
  • · Sturdy and resistant design
  • · In- and outdoor use
  • · Optimization of cooking times

Mimcook is created for professional cooks. It’s sturdy design in stainless steel is suitable for a professional kitchen as well as outdoor events and caterings. Let mimcook prepare your rice recipes while your cook other dishes. This way cooking time is optimized, your team can focus on other elaborations while mimcook does its work, and best results are obtained.


  • · Auto-off when recipe is finished
  • · Windshield systems, thermo-stop and flame ignitor
  • · Apt for any gas system

Mimcook is designed to adapt to every situation. With its patented security system, the flame is regulated so that your recipe is always perfect. Thanks to the Thermostop system, if the flame goes out, gas is automatically turned off and a warning is sent. All this to create a high-quality rice dish with safety for your team.

With mimcook.

Your recipes will always be perfect.

Create your recipe
Have it memorized by Mimcook
Reproduce it as often as you like